When we drink an infused or decocted herb, we taste the herb. This is a crucial stage that is skipped when taking a capsule. It is also muted when we taste a tincture. The taste and sting of the alcohol tends to cover up the taste of the herb. Tasting the herb starts the process of digestion and signals the body that something important is about to happen. Drinking a brewed herb or combination of herbs engages the mind, body and soul in the process of the healing journey. Those who take this journey are committed and dedicated to a path toward becoming healthy, a commitment that elicits a cooperative response from the plants.

Going through the action of gathering or buying, measuring, combining and brewing herbs engages us in the process of caring for ourselves and our health. As a form of self-help, brewing highlights our dedication to being healthy. The more we help ourselves, the more we demonstrate our desire to help ourselves and our families.