Other Services

Hire Phyllis for teaching, speaking, and other herbal education related engagements in your community and corporate events.

Herbal Classes and Workshops

Phyllis is available to teach classes and workshops for small groups, herb schools, universities, and conferences or symposia. Topics for workshops are available by contacting her via email or by calling 256-931-0351.

Corporate Wellness

Support and education for employee wellness is becoming an important method of reducing rising insurance rates for many companies. Phyllis, who has a master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Health Studies (health education and promotion), is available for classes or to help human resources design a wellness program that reduces absenteeism and shrinks healthcare costs. Phyllis is well-versed in health, fitness, ergonomics and nutrition and can help design a program for any size company. She can also serve as an outside educator for an already existing program.

Allied Healthcare Classes

As a health educator, Phyllis is an herbal and alternative health consultant to allied health professionals throughout the country. Her philosophy supports an integrative approach to well-being and a preventive health model based on healthy lifestyle choices.

Above all, Phyllis devotes herself to building a bridge between traditional knowledge and modern-day science; to help hold sacred the traditional herbal and healing knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation while acknowledging the scientific research of today.

If you are interested in hosting a class, please contact Phyllis via email or by calling 256-931-0351 to discuss topics, dates and fees.

Health Consultations

Phyllis is available for individual, personal health consultations by phone or at her office in Huntsville, Alabama. She can work with you to help you clearly define your health goals, assess the current state of strengths and weaknesses in your body systems and recommend a simple approach to well-being.

As a natural health practitioner and herbalist, Phyllis looks for the root causes of health issues and makes lifestyle recommendations to help support and nourish body systems. She offers expert one-on-one health and nutrition consultations utilizing whole foods and herbal remedies and offers personal guidance and support. Phyllis also offers evidence-based lifestyle recommendations to reduce risk factors for the major chronic diseases of modern times.